About Us

What We Do

From prescribed medications to over-the-counter medicines, we look forward to helping you stay healthy and inside and out. Also, we offer vitamin supplements and skincare products; we supply all your needs at competitive prices backed by friendly customer service and expert knowledge and advice. 

For many years, we have helped people know the basics of healthy living such as paying attention to physical activities, following hygiene standards and knowing nutritional requirements at different stages of life. At Capri Pharmacy, we focus on creating awareness for healthy lifestyles and the benefits of health products. 

Apart from recommending health products, we also offer advice on long-term changes in lifestyle that help contribute to a healthier and happy life. Our team of health professionals works closely with clients to help them achieve their health goals. We believe that the initial step to maintaining good health is a balanced lifestyle where health products are used to promote and enhance overall health.  

Your Health is Your Most Important Asset

For over fifty years, Capri Pharmacy has looked after the health and wellness needs of Gold Coasters and tourists alike. We focus on improving the lives of our customers and their families. The satisfaction from improving the health of our customers is immeasurable and we take pride in assisting people to live a healthy life.

Since we first opened our doors, we made it a priority to work with local people by selecting vitamins and supplements manufactured in Australia. Be assured you are getting the best health products made to the highest standard of good manufacturing practice.  Our team of experienced professionals offers free and personalized advice to help you choose the health products that suit your medical history, age and needs. You can buy vitamins and supplements and natural living products directly from us.

Why Shop With Us?

  • Diabetes management and blood monitoring services.
  • We offer nutrition supplements.
  • Natural healthcare and beauty products
  • Professional medical advice.

Capri Pharmacy carries a wide range of supplements, vitamins, and other health services that will improve lifestyle, well-being and health. We are grateful for all our clients for helping us spread the love of healthy and natural living. As we continue to make more research into the world of well-being, we always strive to bring our customers the best health products that are available on the market.

Our Services Include:

  • Webster-Pak medication packs.
  • Immunization and Influenza vaccine.
  • Smoking cessation and nicotine replacement products.
  • Health and nutritional supplements with such brands as Blackmores and Ethical Nutrients.
  • Cosmetics and hair care products.
  • Wound care and dressings, first aid and support bandages/braces.