Blood Pressure Monitoring

Free Blood Pressure Testing Service Offered By Capri Pharmacy

Maintaining safe and healthy blood pressure is essential as high blood pressure is a risk factor for diseases such as kidney failure, stroke and heart disease. If your blood pressure is high, it will put an additional strain on your arteries and heart. This will lead to hypertension issues.

In the long run, this strain may cause the arteries to become less flexible and thicker or become congested with fatty plagues. While hypertension does not usually produce any symptoms, it can place stress on various organs of the body which can lead to heart failure. A good way to monitor your blood pressure is to contact Capri Pharmacy. We offer blood pressure monitoring and recording services. 

Why You Should Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly 

  • To check for hypertension and to also have an idea of what your blood pressure is throughout the night and day.
  • To know if your blood pressure readings in the clinic differ from what they are at home.
  • To monitor how well your medicines are working and to ascertain if your blood pressure is well controlled.
  • To know if your blood pressure stays high at night. If we discover that it’s high at night, then we may have to adjust, review or change your medication.

There are different ways in which you can reduce your blood pressure and put less strain on your heart and arteries. Many of these are lifestyle changes which Capri Pharmacy can help you with.

Regular blood pressure monitoring is recommended if you want to keep your health in balance. If you live an active and engaging life then you will need to regularly check your vitals to ensure you are safe from any impending ailments. High blood pressure is common among adults and it is a common cause of hospitalization or death among some age group. If you smoke, live a stressful life, drink regularly, eat salty foods, have siblings who suffer from high blood pressure, or are overweight you should check your blood pressure to ensure your wellbeing.

We have state-of-the-art blood pressure monitors that we use at our pharmacy. You can come down at any time and the entire process is free. We will also give you a consultation on how to reduce the factors that contribute to your high blood pressure. We will record your blood pressure readings over time so we can know if your pressure is getting worse or if it is at an acceptable range.

If you are on any blood pressure medication, monitoring and recording your numbers will allow us to know if it is working or if you should change it. There are numerous benefits to checking your blood pressure and staying healthy which is why we have made it free and easy to access. At Capri Pharmacy, we put the health of our clients at the forefront of our service. Call us today to book an appointment for your blood pressure monitoring. You can also refill your blood pressure medications with us.