Non-Prescription Medication

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Non-prescription drugs are medications that are sold directly to a consumer without any valid prescription. This is totally different from prescription drugs where it’s compulsory to produce a doctor’s prescription when purchasing a medication.

At Capri Pharmacy, we offer safe and high-quality non-prescription medicines at reasonable prices. Our over-the-counter medicines include but not limited to pain relief, allergy relief, ointments, health supplements and skincare products. We are happy to offer advice and supply quality products to help with your minor medical illnesses. 

Why Choose Us?

  • High-quality medication at reasonable prices.
  • Dispensed by an accredited Pharmacist.
  • Simple purchase and refill processing.

You will receive value for money when purchasing through our accredited pharmacy. You can call ahead to enquire if you may need your Doctor’s assistance and you can also call for advice on what medicines to take for various minor illnesses like headaches, coughs and much more. Access to the right medication is important for leading a healthy and happy life and this is what we strive to provide you.

Although non-prescription drugs can be bought over the counter, this doesn’t mean they cannot be used incorrectly. This is why our experienced and professional staff  take special care to advise and guide our customers on the correct recommended dosage. Your health is important and it is our job to ensure that your health is well catered for.

For all enquiries, you can check our website or call in to the pharmacy with your questions.