Webster-Pak Medication System

Helping Our Clients to Manage Their Medicines 

Medications are crucial for the good health and well-being of so many people. Yet taking multiple medications can be confusing, and taking medication incorrectly can result in significant harm to health and safety, including hospitalisation or death.

Webstercare is Australia’s leading medication management solutions provider. For over 40 years, they have been at the forefront of innovation in the pharmacy, aged care and community sectors, from introducing the world’s first Webster-Pak Multi Dose medication pack to their award-winning automation and software solutions.

Capri Pharmacy can give you peace of mind by packaging your medicines in a weekly pack so that your capsules and tablets will be taken at the right time and in the right combination. Webster-Pak is a simple and safe pack to use. The capsules and tablets are sealed in a blister pack. The pack lists all the content of the pack and when it‘s time to take your medication, you will simply push out the content from the blister package. You will know you’re up-to-date with your medication because you can see through the content.  

At Capri Pharmacy, we help patients to ensure they get the prescribed medication when needed. We can also add vitamin products that you want to remember to take every day. The packs are securely sealed so there is no chance of mixing things up. 

Webster-Pak medication systems are an easy way to keep and monitor your medications and to make sure you take your medication regularly and on time. Webster packaging is provided at a cost per pack. You can contact Capri Pharmacy to learn more about this service. If you are interested in using the Webster-Pak medication system, kindly contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be ready to assist you.

Advantages of Using the Webster-Pak System.

Emergency Saviour – Provides an individual’s complete medication profile – critical in an emergency.

Safe & Reliable – Prepared by the pharmacy to ensure the right dose is taken at the right time. See at a glance whether or not medication has been taken.

Individually Tailored – Each pack is personalised and coloured folders highlight special medication considerations.

Simple & Convenient – Clearly arranges medicines for the week, with seven rows to represent seven days, and four columns for each dosage time of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime).

Low Vision and packs in Multiple Languages are available.

The Webster-Pak helps those taking medication to take the right dose at the right time and manage complex medication regimes. We ensure that all your medications are properly cataloged to prevent any mix ups and the right doses are indicated on each pack. The cost of this service is calculated per medicine pack. Webster-Pak medication packs are well sealed, protected, and labeled so you can be sure your medication is in good hands.

If you have any questions you will like to ask, feel free to reach out to one of our professional customer service representatives.